Junking Your Car Helps the Environment


If you’re considering is getting rid of that old car you have sitting in your yard, the following are some ideas to help you part with ole reliable. I get it, Betsy is a good girl, and she got you all the way through your roaring twenties, but now she’s an organ donor and can help save the life of some other vehicle hanging on through life support. The brake pads on ole Betsy can help someone new come to a smooth stop on an icy road; her rear-view mirror will save a tot’s tricycle. Betsy’s parts will breathe new life into another vehicle and earn you some much-needed cash in the process.

Ok so thinking of your old car as an organ donor may be a bit of a stretch but sitting on a pile of junk that could be a pile of much-needed cash is fairy tale also. You can junk your car chicago il, help your neighbors and the environment, plus fill your pockets with some cash. It’s a total win-win. You can do an internet search for cash-for-www.CarSite.co.uk Now if extra cash is not what you need right now, by the way, good for you, but you do want to get rid of your old car that’s becoming quite the eyesore, donating or recycling your junk car is still another great option. You don’t want your neighbors to start to complain about their property values dropping because of the eyesore in your yard. Donating your car to charity can help a family in need get transportation and is a great tax write-off for you. Recycling is another great option because it rids the environment of harmful toxins. Your local auto wrecker is there to assist with any option that you choose,programs in the Chicago area. You can get the highest price for your car, including a flood-damaged one. You also don’t have to worry about tow fees because you can get your car towed without additional costs.

So, you finally agree that it is time to let ole Betsy go to best-car-ever heaven and you want to begin the process. What you should do first is check out the links in the article and visit auto wrecker websites in the Chicago area. Ask about the value for your specific car and discuss a good price if you want cash. Ask about recycling or donating options if you’re going the charitable route. You can request more information by calling the wrecker location Used Car.

Finally, you want to be sure to go through your car thoroughly. Check under the seats and rugs for loose change, just kidding, but check to be sure nothing valuable has fallen between the seats. Remember you haven’t found your favorite baseball cap in forever and whatever happened to that old buffalo nickel your great-grandpa gave you. Just saying, be sure you have removed all personal items especially any important identifiers that could contain personal information. Then make the call, it will be painless, you will be fine, your neighbors will applaud you, and ole Betsy will pass you on the road in her next life.