Produced by universal pictures the film is all set to hit the theatres on December 14 and set your hearts with some fantasy action. Hopefully the film fetches some fame and name to the first time director Christian Rivers.

Though employing him in the film seems risky, some strong and experienced heads in the crew increases its expectations among the fans.  The director of the Oscar winning franchise Lord of Rings Peter Jackson has played a subservient role in directing the film which leaves his fans quite disappointed. But he has contributed much in terms of production and screenplay. The film was scripted by Peter Jackson along with Philippa Boyens and Fran Walsh, who were the main players in scripting The Hobbit as well. The movie’s base story is adapted from the YA novel Mortal Engines authored by Philip Reeve. Purchasing it’s right on 2009, Peter Jackson officially announced it’s filming in 2016. With a budget estimated at approximately $ 100 million the film has Universal pictures as its​ production and distribution company. While the fans were expecting the next part of Tintin, Peter Jackson unexpectedly came up with Mortal Engines. However we might expect him to officially release some news of his most awaited Tintin: prisoners of sun soon.

The film is set on the genre fantasy and sci-fi thriller. Giving enough scope for the audience to explore and venture into some exciting adventure and action alongside. Though the audience have found the film quite predictable, it has succeeded in offering some interesting storyline that leaves the viewers​ at the edge of their seats. It has received mixed reviews from the critics. Some giving a thumbs up while others complain the direction for its lack of expected spark. Though the director Christian Rivers has done lot to the film that ultimately made every audience to enjoy the film, he misses some element that elevated the film to a whole new level.

The storyline goes as follows. After the civilization has been wiped away mankind has chosen some other way to sustain its existence. Now Earth has been a place for deadly predators focused in taking over resources. Survival itself is huge luck, as only the fastest​ and smartest get to live. Hester Shaw a is mysterious and different young woman goes after Thaddeus Valentine to avenge the death of her mother. Later on Tom Natsworthy who was pushed away from his city has no other choice rather than joining her. The two of them meet Anna fang who claims Hester has the only means to stop Valentine and the three of them join force to stop Valentine. On the other side unexpected danger awaits​ Hester. Will she survive to seek goodness or the world will give into evil ideas of Valentine once again?

Starring Hera Hilmarsdóttir as Hester Shaw and Robert Sheehan as Tom Natsworthy at its lead. Hugo weaving stared as Thaddeus Valentine. Other notable characters include Stephen lang as shrike, Ronan Raftery as Bevis Pod and Leila George D’Onofrio as Katherine Valentine.

Coming to its characters, it feels like they haven’t revealed their entire potential.

It has been edited to perfection by Jonno Woodford Robinson. WingNut film has proved it’s hands one more time. Though the film has gained numerous up votes, it has failed to take the viewers into the movie. The characters played by Tom Natsworthy and Hera Hilmarton in Mortal engines hasn’t inspired hearts yet seems to give a decent representation of that of the book characters. Cinematography has been brilliantly executed by Simon Ray. The all-time combination of Peter Jackson and Hugo Weaving has once again come together. Also, despite the fresh bunch of crew some familiar faces attractive a lot of crowd. The film has its very own book of reviews that includes both good aroma bad.

Whether the film will obtain a place in people’s hearts just like the Hunger games and others will remain a question. The making of the upcoming parts will wholly depend upon the success and box office hit of the film. So, it isn’t a bad idea to get a movie coupon or ticket for a weekend show. As a whole the film is worth your time. I am pretty sure that you will enjoy it despite some of its drawbacks.