Watch Psychological Thrillers


Movies on such theme have suspense, fear and it simply mixed with comedy, horror, drama and adventure to make it perfect interesting to attract the audiences. Psychological films normally based on human life which have mind thinking issues or they would be criminal due to imbalance happened in thinking style. While some films based upon evil, spirits and demons who try to destroy someone’s life or world to spread their way but, a positive character fight till end and make win against them. With the advancement of technology, each character represent in a way that completely thrilled among the visitors and make it more interesting. Today, millions of visitors like to watch films on this genre with their family and friends to have great enjoy.

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Visual Effects, 3d technology, the perfect colors work with ancient look are the part makes it more interesting. Director and Producer always try to put as much interesting things as they can and it really takes lot of time and money with full efforts to create a successful film. The most important challenging task for a directory is to select best story for it and how to represent it in unique style. They do systematic planning to achieve the goal. A story would be related to psychological thriller action but, there would be some of romance and emotion too with other genres to give it real charm. It mainly focus on the internal or external struggle that characters will go through and the indefinite line that they will cross between imagination and reality. It often surprising for the viewers as they keep themselves busy asking interesting questions even after the film is over.

“Blackmail”, a British picture which was produced in 1929 and directed by the world acclaimed director Alfred Hitchcock, that tells the story of a woman who falls subject to blackmail after killing a man who tried to rape her. “The Lady Vanishes” was his another thriller movie in 1938 based on the 1936 novel. Later, there were many films released on this genre by different directors and with the help of technology, it completely changed the style of each film. The latest popular released like the fifty shades of grey in 2015,  Breaking Dad Seasons, the spectacular now in 2013, the great gatsby in 2013 and many more. You can enjoy all these films on our 1movies website for free in HD and even, you can download for free in HD. All you need is to surf our website and select your choice of interest.