Cheap Cloud VPS Server Hosting and Its Advantages to Businesses – Onlive Server


There are many web hosting firms that offer different types of hosting packages depending on their specific features. Cheap Cloud VPS server hosting is considered one of the most reliable hosting packages for all business websites.

VPS or virtual private server works in a virtual environment that is completely based on software. There is a hue physical server that is compartmentalized into several virtual dedicated servers. Majority of the individuals are of the view that it is the most affordable alternative to Thailand dedicated server hosting. Cloud VPS server hosting generally works on the principles of cloud computing. It makes way for a VPN or virtual private network depending on a series of VDS or virtual dedicated servers. Here, it is important to note than in VPS hosting, there is a physical server that is shared with the other sites and at the same time the server also works in the form of a virtual dedicated server. This way, VPS ensures more security and privacy so at a time it works as a dedicated server and a shared server.

Why Individuals Prefer Cloud VPS Instead of Dedicated and Shared Hosting?

VPS or virtual private server has been successful in gaining huge repute among business website owners. However, the main question here is how it is better than the other website hosting packages? The most common website hosting plans used at present are dedicated and shared server hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Thailand dedicated server hosting is perfect for large websites with huge traffic. This type of hosting involves the use of an entire server that remains reserved for just one site. The users of such hosting packages can have more bandwidth and space but this is not unlimited once the provided bandwidth reaches a specific level where the server might crash. Majority of the web hosting agencies call it fair usage plan. This type of server hosting is expensive and can result in a lot of issue for business websites when site traffic is at its peak. This type of server hosting does not come with the guarantee of efficient control and 100% uptime.

Shared Server Hosting

There are great many limitations with the use of a shared hosting plan. The users of this kind of hosting packages need to share server bandwidth and space with the other users. This might work for the small sites but not for the large business sites with huge traffic. Shared web hosting is perfect for beginners into blogging as it can help them in learning the basics of server hosting. However, shared hosting is not good for business sites as it might cause a lot of issues in handling traffic.

Cheap Cloud VPS Hosting

So, what is it that makes Cheap Cloud VPS hosting special? In cloud VPS hosting, there is one huge physical server that is shared by the other virtual private servers. However, the main difference lies in the fact that the virtual environment for all the shared websites is private. This type of server hosting works in the form of both dedicated and shared hosting server as there is a virtual dedicated server environment created.