Dry rubbed baked chicken wings recipe


How many of us have to give up on a lot of food items just because we started to focus on healthy diets. Our loved food items which were deep fried and used to come with a lot of fat had to be kept at arm’s length when we became conscious of the health drawback they bring. Now, we do not even step at the best places where we could gollop on the delicious food and amazing spread. This should change now and one should not be forced to give up on the amazing food items just because they are fried or dipped in oil.

Someone who loves chicken wings cannot even think about having to give it up and a great alternative to the same is baked chicken wings. The baked wings ensure that the unwanted elements of unhealthy food items stay away from them. It is also easy to cook these bakes wings in an oven. It is a simple recipe when followed in a step by step format.

How to prepare the spicy dry rubbed chicken wings in an oven?

When you are not too keen on the hot sauce then the best is the dry hot wings which are rubbed with seasoned blends of peppers which gives them the hot taste and can be added or reduced to the taste and preference.

Course Meal Snacks and Appetizer
Cuisine American
Preparation Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Serves 5-6 people
Calories 180-185k

What all is required?

Ingredients Note
2 pounds of chicken wings Already separated in wingettes and drumettes
1 tablespoon olive oil Another if you have separate preference but light
1 tablespoon chilli powder
1 tablespoon sweet smoked paprika
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper
1 ½ teaspoon of ground cumin
1 ½ teaspoon of onion powder
1 ½ teaspoon of kosher salt
1 ½ teaspoon of black pepper

How to make them?

  • Take the chicken wings cleaned and pre-washed.
  • Dry them up completely using paper towels so that no extra liquid remains on them.
  • Put the wings in a large bowl.
  • Take the olive oil and run each one of them carefully with the oil. Make sure the oil reaches all the wings.
  • Take the above-mentioned seasoning and mix them in a bowl
  • Take about half of these mixed wings and rub them on the chicken wings and carefully rub them. Flip wings and sprinkle the rest of seasoning mixture on them and rub it in.
  • Place the rack on the shallow baking pan. The pan should have sides for better cooking. You can use a foil for easy cleanup after the use of the pan. Now, put the seasoned wings on the top of the pan.
  • Now bake the wings for about 20 minutes at 350 degrees and then flip each of these wings and then bake again for another 10 minutes.
  • Now turn broiler on low and continue broiling for another 10 minutes.
  • Now take the wings out and serve them hot.
  • Add celery and blue cheese dressing if required to add special pinch to the whole.

Since these chicken wings are low on carbs they are a highly suitable diet for anyone. Since they are baked and not fried it shows how much benefits it has for the body. Something which makes the recipe stand out in the crowdis that it is not some regular sauce which is used for the creation instead dry spices are used on the wings to make them taste delicious on the mouth. Since the spice mix is in the hands of the makers it allows them the flexibility to make it hooter or a medium spiced version.

When you are buying the wings you get them when they are not disjointed and can disjoint them after you have got them home, but if that is something that you do not wish to do then get the ones which are disjointed. Check the wingstop coupons when you are out buying the ingredients for the dish. The way to disjoint the wings at home is also not very complicated. The wing should be twisted from the joint and then using a sharp knife should be cut which will be done till three smaller pieces from the same will be made. It is, however, not entirely required that you separate them. Many people like to make whole chicken wings as is. When you are making the dry chicken wings you can leave the tip of the chicken wing using only the drumette and the wingette part. This is common practice, however, not something which is entirely required as there are some who make the dry chicken wings using the tip as well. Now if you wish to skip the tip then do not worry about it going waste. It can be best used to make chicken stock.

If you are having trouble with the chicken sticking to the pan then use non-stick pans or spray these pans with some oil. In most cases the sticking should not be a huge problem as the chicken comes off easily after the cooking process is done. When you want to make these wings golden brown then it is important that you also flip them while the baking is being done. It is best to use the chipotle pepper powder but if that is not available then chili powder is also enough.

Cooking something at the comfort of your own house is gives an added flavor to the dish one is making. When you want your family and friends to enjoy the food and at the same time ensure that they are eating healthy then the best way is to cook these meals at home using ingredients and cooking methods which are good for health. One such amazing dish is dry chicken wings. They are something that every chicken lover cannot miss out on and when they can be made in a healthy way why should one compromise.