How a Workplace Near Home Boosts Productivity


From the time you wake up to the moment you reach your office, the things that you do and encounter on your way has a direct influence, for at least a few hours, on how you feel at the office and also how well you are able to work.

There are several factors that influence an employee’s overall productivity and these include employee satisfaction, work culture, support of the management etc. But the one factor that most people forget to take into account is the distance of the employee’s house from their workplace.

Whether it is a major city or not, one of the hardest parts about an employee’s day is commuting to and from the office. If the commute is long, the mere thought of travelling can make them think about quitting their job, at least on most Monday mornings anyway.

Even if your company is so benevolent so as to make arrangements for your commute, it still doesn’t make it very exciting to look forward to.

Following are certain ways in which having a workplace close to your home can boost your productivity:

Increases your Chances of Being Punctual

When it comes to assessing an employee’s performance, punctuality is, without doubt, an important attribute. Having a daily record of reaching office late definitely doesn’t work in your favour. The management doesn’t really care if you live far, the car breaks down or you’re delayed by traffic every day.

Having your home close to office allows employees to spend much less time travelling and also saves you the frustration that you may experience as a result of getting stuck in traffic. With these advantages, it is more likely that you will be punctual.

Fewer Leaves

As the old adage goes, ‘early to bed and early to rise makes a person wealthy, healthy and wise.’ The benefit of staying close to the workplace is that you get to cash in on some extra hours of sleep.

You feel much less tired as your commute doesn’t consume much of your energy or time and at the end of the day you’re a lot less fatigued than what you would have been, had you been living very far from the workplace.

Distant workplaces can take a tremendous toll on an employee’s health and alter the daily routine of a person. It gives them a reason to skip the important activities that one must do such as getting some physical exercise before office and having their meals on time.

Encouraging these wrong practices can worsen the health of an employee. Having your home close to the workplace ensures that you are able to stick to your daily routine, remain healthy and therefore remain productive.

Lower Stress Corresponds to Higher Efficiency

After a hectic day at work if there is a long travel ahead of you it can increase the pressure on your mind and in turn lower the efficiency of the employee. It gets even worse for those who are working parents and live at a long distance from their office. For them, long travel hours can mean that they will only meet their kids properly on weekends.

Also, since they are travelling for so many hours every single day of the work week they do not have much motivation to get out of the house on weekends. This can make them feel unhappy and give them a feeling that their life has become monotonous.

Time to Fulfill Personal Desires

If you have hobbies, like to do certain things or have a passion in life then travelling for long hours can severely impact the amount of time you spend doing them. They may begin to question the purpose of earning money if they cannot even find the time to do what they like.

It is understandable if the employee and workplace are located in a place where there are few job opportunities. But if an employee lives in a city where there are plenty of jobs, there is no reason to hold onto a job that makes them travel so much.

If your team has such stressed employees you should take greater care of them and try to do things that they may like such as taking them for an activity day out.