The Top Financial Magazines That You Must Read


The financial market features many publications which are designed to provide insights into the industry, advice, market movement or to help you improve your financial knowledge. Here’s a short list of our favourite financial publications.


Known for being one of the greatest sources of information for financial updates and financial news, this publishment focuses on general business and everything in-between including finance, economics, marketing and investment. Nevertheless, this magazine covers a broad market by reporting on supplementary topics like science, technology and how different types of industries can affect your business and investments.


Barron’s magazine is highly respected when it comes to finance and investment. These magazines are published on a weekly basis and cover every single update on the financial world but has a consistent section that is devoted entirely to financial investment. Each magazine is regarded to be a great source of information and ideas to help self-employed and rookie investors. In addition, each topic is supported by charts, in depth analysis and any other information you may require to make decision when it comes to investments.

Barron’s feature a very useful section called the ‘’market week’’ which focuses on news driven analysis from all of the previous week and offers valuable different trading ideas for international markets.


Kiplinger’s is renown for being one of the best magazine’s for practical advice and personal finance matters. Each edition offering not only personal finance lessons, but investment topics as well.

Kiplinger magazines offer a broad spectrum of topics from financial investment, taxes, insurance policies, retirement strategies and all different kind of topics related to the financial world. Although, it is not the most sophisticated magazine, it is one of the best to offer useful advice.

The main points covered by the magazine revolve around credit cards, money planning and investment. Although it also offers information and advice on technology, travel, vehicles and all sorts of personal finance aspects. A must have for all those new finance professionals.

Kiplinger’s magazine also features a helpful service called Kiplinger’s alerts that will alert all of the users subscribed to their website through email and text message, letting the customers know about new actionable information being posted.

Investor’s Business Daily

Investor’s Business Daily is the perfect choice for those serious investors looking to hone their skills. The magazine not only offers a lot of valuable information about the world of investing, but it also offers investment education, research and it is released daily, updating you day by day on the world of investment.

The Investor’s Business Daily analyses a large variety of different sectors and will give you useful indicators to select the best stocks and mutual funds. The investor’s magazine provides technical charts and analysis, which explains why this magazine is best suited for finance professionals interested in offering advice to all type of clients.

Bloomberg businessweek

Bloomberg businessweek magazine offers a comprehensive look at everything that is happening right now in the financial world which helps to plan ahead and avoid this affecting your finances or portfolio.

The magazine offers all sorts of great insight and information into management and business while it reads through all of the commentaries on how the latest political news and economics updates will impact your finances.


The Money magazine is a great acquisition for those who are interested in investing. It gives very useful and helpful advice on savings, retirement, taxes and of course investing.

This magazine is loved by all investors as it gives information about the economy, loans, insurance rates and so much more being a great help for those who invest and those who want to start investing.