Is Alcohol More lethal or Weed?

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People often get confused when they are asked about the comparative effect of alcohol and weed. Alcohol is legal in most part of the world for a really long time in comparison to weed but the study shows that alcohol has a worse effect.  

Below is the list of factors which might help explain which is more dangerous alcohol or marijuana?

  • Overdose

One can easily consume too much alcohol and it can be fatal. According to reports, every year around thousands of deaths reports is filled which are accounted for by drinking.  In comparison to which the number of deaths caused by marijuana is almost zero.

Considering the research report on marijuana it is impossible to overdose and there are fewer chances of an individual being addicted to it. Moreover, it is practically impossible for a person to die of cannabis overdose as a typical joint contains about half a gram of marijuana. However, if one smoke cannabis I might have some adverse effect on health.

  • Health effects

People who regularly consume a high amount of alcohol have chances of being diagnosed with a number of health issues including lungs problem, decreased appetite and more. However, considering the research report till date no evidence has been found which can conclude the adverse effect of consuming cannabis on the medical health of the individual. Moreover, medical cannabis which has lower THC content is widely used to treat a number of symptoms and diseases.

  • Criminal rate

Most of the criminal cases which are reported under the drug influences are due to alcohol consumption. When it comes to what substance put someone at risk of getting hurt or hurting others, alcohol is the only culprit.

A study shows that couple who use marijuana has lowered rates of partner violence in comparison to the couple who drink alcohol. In fact, men who use marijuana in place of alcohol were the least likely to commit an act of intimate partner violence against a spouse.

  • Driving

Driving under the influence of both drugs could be dangerous. There are higher chances of getting into a fatal accident when the individual is high with either of them. However, technically driving under the influence of marijuana is much safer than driving drunk.

However, the short term and long term consequences of marijuana are much safer when compared to alcohol. Although people often consider alcohol to be safer as marijuana has become a social taboo due to long term prohibition. Before consuming any drugs one must gather enough information about how it will affect the body and related consequences.

As per the provided evidence, no harmful consequence has been found related to the controlled consumption of cannabis and is one of the reasons which forced government bodies to rethink about legalization consumption of cannabis.

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