Nutritional Guide for the Epilepsy: Special Diet

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The problem when the patient suffers from repeated seizures and it’s quite common. Sometimes people experience prolonged seizures. The severity of the disease is involved in the type of seizure. Seizure causes a number of sensations. But the point is many of the people get confused in epilepsy and the seizures but it is not important that the person suffering from seizure is having the epilepsy disease. But to wash off the negativity surrounds that epilepsy is the dire condition and it’s very difficult to treat it. But now doctors are embracing the neutral way of treatment.

The natural remedies and the diet are considered the best way out to fight against such kind of disease. Cannabis oil Canada online stores are nowadays becoming popular for its best quality cannabis oil. It’s all the cannabis plant that works containing the natural content to fight against such health issues.

Epilepsy- There are two categories of epilepsy that are partial or generalized. One must be aware of these two in the partial the small part of the brain is affected while in the generalized one more of the brain is involved. Patients suffering from the partial seizures are supposed to have the changes in the consciousness but there is no loss of consciousness.

While on the other hand in the generalized there is unconsciousness. When the seizures arise due to the involvement of the motor system of the brain and involve convulsions this type of seizure is serious and sever type known as Grand mal seizure. Sometimes epilepsy can be related to other problems like head injury, brain tumor, brain infection and many more.

Special Diet- ketogenic diet is recommended by the doctors for such patients. In a ketogenic diet, the body does not burn the carbohydrates to release the energy that is usually done. Here the fats are burnt. While burning fats there is a release of carbon substance that is called ketones. And these ketones help in reducing the seizures.

The ketogenic diet is recommended for the two or three years and after that, the carbohydrates and other nutrients are added back gradually. Minerals and vitamins especially the vitamin C is supplemented as this diet is deficient in these minerals and vitamins. Childhood obesity is the major factor considered to be responsible for diabetes and then other problems so this special diet have the possible benefits of the ketogenic diet must be weighed against its risk.

Aspartame is the artificial sugar and this is to be avoided totally when the adult or the kid are suffering from the seizures or epilepsy. Phenylketonuria is the disorder that does not allow the amino acid to be digested properly and people suffering from this disorder are strictly recommended to avoid artificial sugar.

Many times it has been seen people suffering from epilepsy have the food allergies or the sensitivity like dairy products, citrus fruits, and wheat and food additives. So these foods should be avoided totally. Protein supplements are also advised in the ketogenic diet. Soy or rice protein is better to be in the diet for such patients.