What are the side effects of Cannabis?

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For years, cannabis consumption was prohibited around the globe but still was easily accessible to people through the grey market. The continuous study and research on cannabis have shown evidence related to both benefits and harm associated with its consumption. Although the medical research concludes there are a plethora of benefits of medical cannabis and it might help fight and treat some of the dangerous and deadly medical conditions like cancer. Hence, after a number of arguments and legal fights, some of the states have now legalized medical and recreational cannabis.

Exploitation of anything can be dangerous, hence heavy and regular consumption of cannabis especially through smoking can cater some side-effects for human organs and body. Below is the list of side-effects associated with the uncontrolled consumption of cannabis.

  1. Getting high

High is the situation which people under the drug experience, where the experience of reality becomes distorted. The main and active component of cannabis which is cannabinoids and THC is responsible for the high effects. There are wider chances of getting high when one consume it orally as the digestive system releases chemicals which are more potent than THC itself. Smoking doesn’t have long term side effect and there are no chances one can overdose or underdose cannabis while smoking but while consuming it with edible the dose can be altered.

In most of the cases the feeling of high is where one feel happy, energized, content and relaxed but depending on the amount and product consumed one might experience confusion or can panic. Such people often find it difficult to sit or lay down in a calm and familiar location.

  1. Psychosis

There is no certain evidence which proves the connection between psychosis and marijuana. There has been a dilemma if cannabis induces psychosis in otherwise totally healthy individuals, or does someone need a pre-existing genetic vulnerability for psychosis before cannabis use brings it out into the open.

Hence, patients interested in using medicinal cannabis for the first time, and who have a family history of psychotic problems, should always discuss this with their physician.

  1. Increased dependency

Not much is known about addiction or dependence on the consumption of recreational cannabis. In most of the cases, small amounts of cannabis are already enough to experience the desired medicinal effect. Dependence may evolve when a large amount of strong cannabis is used which is practically impossible. However, in case of addiction reducing or stopping the daily intake may lead to withdrawal symptoms such as mild forms of restlessness, irritability, insomnia, and nausea.

Tolerance occurs when the body gets used to a medicine so that more medicine is needed to get the same response as before. There are no real scientific clues that repeated use of cannabis leads to tolerance in large groups of patients. It is therefore unlikely that you will need steadily increasing amounts of cannabis to obtain the desired medicinal effect.

The side-effect related to cannabis consumption can be easily controlled if the user is well aware of the quality and quantity of product. Namaste cannabis offers the best and potent recreational products and makes the purchasing easier with their online portal.